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Overview - Digital Humidity Sensors

                HYT271                                        HYT221                                        HYT939




Integrated Signal processing | fully calibrated | excellent long term stablity even in harsh environments


The digital humidity sensors of the HYT series combine the advantages of a precise, capacitive humidity sensor with the high integration density and functionality of an ASIC. With the integrated signal processing, the sensor completely processes the measured data and directly delivers the physical parameters of relative humidity and temperature over the I2C compatible interface as digital values. Both the linearity error and temperature drift are corrected “OnChip” through computation, assuring an outstanding accuracy over a wide range of application. Before delivery all sensors are calibrated by the manufacturer and are therefore fully interchangeable as pluggable pins also comply to commercial standards.


In comparison to monolithic solutions, the new digital humidity sensors of the HYT series offer crucial advantages: Quality and layer structure of the integrated polymer sensor correspond to the proven, capacitive models of the KFS series and also offer the same outstanding characteristics by the use of same high performance polymers. The sensors possess a high chemical resistance and an excellent long-term stability - even in critical application areas, with high humidity or after dew formation.


















HYT 271

HYT 271 - a powerful allround talent


Mechanically robust, chemical resistant and dew formation resistant, this digital humidity sensor with only 10.2 x 5.1 x 1.8 mm size offers the widest application window and an optimal price performance ratio. 

Precisely calibrated, the HYT 271 delivers an accuracy of ±1.8 % rH and ±0.2 °C - ideal for sophisticated mass applications, industrial handheld devices and precise humidity transmitters. 








































HYT 221

HYT 221 - for critical application areas and harsh environments



The round stainless steel casing can be easily fitted into housing openings and can be sealed against the wall with the use of O-ring. In combination with the waterproof membrane filter, it results into an assembly that is splash water proof and enables a sealed housing construction while providing a high dynamic responsiveness. 

Typical areas of application are humidity measurement in the sauna, applications in outdoor areas or industrial applications in the field of drying systems.









































HYT 939

HYT 939 - the specialist for compressed air 



The welded, hermetically sealed TO 39 housing with glass grommet and sinter filter is designed for compressed air systems up to 16 bar. Due to the humidity calibration process and the special polynomial correction method, a high accuracy is achieved specially in the lower humidity region up to 50 ppm water content, because of which the sensor is suitable for dew point measurements up to -40°C dp, for example, for the quality evaluation of medical compressed air.

Because of the specially robust construction, the sensor also withstands peak loading at high temperatures. Therefore, this special model is also ideal for extremely sophisticated industrial applications in drying systems and suitable for medical systems.









































Compressed air, pressure dew point & high pressure


Laboratory, chemical & pharmaceutical industry



Drying, Drying wood & hop



Sauna, pool, high humidity


Applications for HYT-sensor specialists:

  • handheld measurement equipment
  • winter sports
  • drying processes
  • sterilizers
  • desiccator
  • environmental research
  • meteorology
  • ozone preparation
  • extreme temperatures

and much more...