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Digital Humidity Sensor HYT 221 – for critical application areas


Splash water proof   | with protection filter | Outdoor-suitable


The round stainless steel casing can be easily fitted into housing openings and can be sealed against the wall with the use of O-ring. In combination with the waterproof membrane filter, it results into an assembly that is splash water proof and enables a sealed housing construction while providing a high dynamic responsiveness. 

Typical areas of application are humidity measurement in the sauna, applications in outdoor areas or industrial applications in the field of drying systems. 



Technical data

Model: Humidity sensor with SIL-connections on ceramic substrate with protection filter
Humidity ±1.8% rH, Temperature ±0.2 °C
Measuring range: Humidity 0 ... 100% r.H. (max. dp = +80 °C), Temperature - 40 ... +125 °C
Dimensions: 15.3 x 10.2 x 5.3 mm
Connection: SIL RM 1.27 mm


Humidity resolution: 0.02% rH
Hysteresis: < ±1% rH
Linearity error: < ±1% rH
Response time t63: < 12 sec (with membrane filter)
Temperature resolution: 0.015 °C
Digital interface: I2C, address 0x28 or alternative address
Operating voltage: 2.7 … 5.5 V
Current consumption (Nom.): < 1?A in ready state < 22?A at 1Hz measuring rate 850 ?A maximum




see technical data sheet


HYT 221


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Presseinformation, general downloads and and EAGLE-library-file of the HYT-series can be found under the tab "Doku" on the produkt overview page.


HYT LabKit 


By use of a USB cable the digital sensor can be attached to a PC. This Kit and software enables the graphical display of temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point as well as wet bulb temperature. 


Extended data sheet: Open pdf file 








ideal for:

  • Outdoor applications
  • extreme measurement conditions
  • splash water areas
  • high humidity
  • sauna
  • pool technik
  • air conditioning

optimal for:

  • Meteorology
  • Industrial Drying
  • Medical devices & instruments
  • Aviation
  • Aerotechnik
  • extreme sports